Note: This was a previous method for controlling how games see your input devices. This is no longer used in the primary guide but is kept here for reference.

dinput8 DLL wrapper called devreorder

Setting up devreorder

Note: If devreorder doesn’t work with your game, HidGuardian is another option to hide inputs from your game

  • Download the latest release here (the zip file)
  • Unzip x64/dinput8.dll to your Star Citizen LIVE\Bin64 folder next to StarCitizen.exe
  • Unzip devreorder.ini to your Star Citzen LIVE folder (where Data.p4k is)

Configure devreorder

  • Use the DeviceLister tool in the devreorder release zip to list active joystick devices.
  • Edit devreorder.ini in our SC LIVE folder, and copy the vJoy Device GUID (including the brackets, e.g. {a3c2c570-0f81-11ea-800a-444553540000}) to the [visible] section. In my case, I have two vJoy devices I’m playing with, so my config (without comments) will look like this:


Note: I’m also using the [order] section since I have two vJoy devices that I want the game to see. This way they will always show up to the game in the same order.

To test that devreorder is working, launch Star Citizen and look at the console ouput (or LIVE\Game.log) and look for the line Input initialization. If things are working, you should only see your visible devices, like so:

<2020-09-24T17:51:34.892Z> Input initialization
<2020-09-24T17:51:35.223Z> - Connected joystick0: vJoy Device {BEAD1234-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}
<2020-09-24T17:51:35.318Z> - Connected joystick1: vJoy Device {BEAD1234-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}

Verify Setup

At this point, Joystick Gremlin should have a tab for each of your devices in its main window, as well as a Keyboard, vJoy Device #1 and Settings tabs.

Launch the Set up USB Game Controllers tool from the Start menu, and you should see vJoy Device, and none of your joysticks you configured in HidGuardian tab in Joystick Gremlin.

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