Star Citizen Advanced Controls Configuration

These configurations are based off my personal setup for Star Citizen and are outlined in a two part guide on this site. That being said there are a few requirements, and you can use my configurations as a starting point whether or not you have the same joystick setup.

Note: This was last updated for Star Citizen 3.17.2-PTU.8143480 and may or may not work with the current build


  • vJoy, Joystick Gremlin and HidHide must be installed and setup correctly. Check out part 1 of the full guide for information
  • Understanding of how Joystick Gremlin works and how to use the advanced controls configurations in Star Citizen, otherwise I’d recommend just following the second part to really become familiar


Loading the SC Control Mapping

  • Place the control mapping into the RSI\StarCitizen\LIVE\USER\Client\0\Controls\Mappings folder
  • Launch Star Citizen
  • In Options > KEYBINDINGS > ADVANCED CONTROLS CUSTOMIZATION menu, use the right arrow in the
  • Click the button on the right that says > CONTROL PROFILES
  • Scroll down and choose the new control mapping
  • For each Joystick listed on the left side, choose the button next to it that says None and change it to JoyStick

Importing Joystick Gremlin Profile

Importing the Joystick Gremlin profile can be a bit tricky, until someone writes a plugin to handle the import, this is my recommended method.

  • Start Joystick Gremlin
  • Press buttons to determine which joystick is which, and give each device an appropriate Device Label
  • Use Save Profile As to save the empty profile, call it something like GUIDs
  • Go to your JG folder (C:\Users\{username}\joystick gremlin) and copy the downloaded profile from above into this folder next to the GUIDs.xml
  • Open GUIDs.xml and the new profile in a text editor (like notepad++)
  • In the GUIDs.xml file you will find a <device listing for each of your devices that also shows it’s device-guid and label
  • Using this information, copy the device-guids from GUIDs.xml into the downloaded profile using the label to match up the correct device, and save the profile
  • Back in Joystick Gremlin choose File > Load Profile and choose the newly updated downloaded profile
  • Press keys on each device to double check that the profiles loaded correctly

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